KSU’s Resource for Strategic Communications, Creative and Marketing Support

Kennesaw State University’s Office of Strategic Communications and Marketing is a full-service, in-house marketing, creative and communications resource. Our wide range of capabilities enables us to work efficiently and effectively with our internal and external audiences to enhance and advance the reputation of Kennesaw State.

We provide professional guidance and support to meet strategic communication and marketing goals. Our mission, vision and values are our guideposts for achieving strategic goals and working within the KSU community.

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Leading and empowering brand advocates to communicate KSU’s unique promise, inspiring a culture of one community, one brand, one voice.


Providing leadership and brand expertise across the University community to tell KSU’s story and advance its reputation.


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  • We strive to provide a workplace that balances work and personal life
    We create a culture of trust through sincerity, honesty and being mindful of others, where everyone feels valued.
    We translate meaningful insights and vision into creative outcomes to enhance and advance the KSU brand.
    We enjoy collaborating together and partnering with others to create a sense of collegiality and camaraderie.
    We foster a culture of excellence that empowers our team to create and deliver impactful results for the University.

Go forward focus is about connecting and collaborating to advance the vision, mission and reputation of Kennesaw state as one team, one brand and one community
one team, one brand, one community