Video Services


The Office of Strategic Communications and Marketing produces high-quality, branded video content that tells the story of Kennesaw State to a wide audience. Our videos help promote the University through branded commercials and recruiting videos, tell the stories of Kennesaw State students and faculty through branded content and short documentaries, highlight moments of significance in the history of the University, and deliver high level messages from the Office of the President and many others.

Some examples of projects we will typically handle are:

  • Commercial videos for marketing campaigns
  • Recruiting videos for undergraduate, graduate and doctoral degree programs at the University
  • Sights and sounds videos that highlight moments of significance
  • Short documentaries that tell the story of student-centered success
  • Short form videos that are aimed at fundraising
  • High level virtual events and video communications

If you would like to produce a branded video communication for your college or department, you can submit a project proposal. Please fill out our questionnaire in detail, using the link below.

Note that your project timeline should allow for a minimum of 4-6 weeks for completion. Please plan accordingly.

Submit Project Proposal

What to expect:


The timeline for your project will be largely dependent on the creative and what’s involved in producing it. It might also be affected by other projects that are on our team’s plate when your request is received. We will do everything we can to produce your project in a timely manner but please plan accordingly as video production requires extensive planning and can take longer to produce depending on what’s involved. You should plan a minimum of four to six (4-6) weeks for completion of your project.


You are not required to have a budget for your project as most videos can be completed in-house with no additional expense to you. Most projects we complete are done without needing a budget. That said, for projects requiring a fast turn-around or for projects that require a higher end look, budget may be needed to ensure we can meet those requirements. Other items that may require a budget include (but are not limited to):

  • Having professional voice over in your video
  • Licensing stock photos or videos
  • Producing a finished video in less than four weeks
  • Videos that require a larger production crew than what we have in-house
  • Filming off campus
  • 3D motion graphics or visual effects

When submitting your project proposal, letting us know whether or not you have a budget can be helpful in determining the best path forward.


When working with our team, you can expect a thorough production process to ensure your project has lasting value and impact for not just your department, but the University as well. Our process for producing videos can be divided in to six stages: 


During this phase, we will evaluate your project request and make sure our team is aligned with yours on the intended audience, goals you wish to achieve you’re your video, delivery methods and more. Providing clear and sufficient details when answering the questionnaire can ensure this process goes smoothly and quickly. Our team will draft a completed Creative Brief based on this information so that we can ensure everyone who is brought into the project knows what the goals of the project are.


During this phase, our team will develop concepts and scripts to produce your finished video(s). These scripts and concepts will be pitched to you so you can help us evaluate the best way to communicate your ideas and achieve your goals.


During this phase, our team will do the legwork of securing talent, locations equipment, etc. to produce your finished video. In some cases, we may partner with you to secure those assets needed to complete the video.


Our team will capture video and/or build animations for your final deliverable. You and your team will be invited to join us on set during this process to ensure we capture what is needed for the intended deliverable.


This is the editing phase of the process where our team will piece together the video and audio elements captured in post and add graphics, music and other elements to create the finished piece. We will typically allocate up to three revisions as part of the editing timeline to ensure you get your desired outcome.


The final deliverable will be uploaded and sent to you as a downloadable link. If needed, we can also assist with distribution by uploading and publishing your finished video.

Finished videos are maintained in our library for two years before being subject to deletion. Please maintain a copy of your finished deliverable for your records. Raw video and audio files will be maintained on our server during this period as well.

Producing Your Own Branded Video Content

If you would like to produce your own branded video assets, we have resources that can empower you to do so while staying on brand with the University’s brand standards. To ensure the design approval process for your video goes as smoothly as possible, make sure to do the following:

Follow University Brand Standards

Our brand standards for video are outlined in our brand guidebook on pages 39 – 47. Please review these pages in detail before attempting to make your own videos to ensure compliance with our standards. You can access the brand guidebook here:

Use Adobe Premiere

Kennesaw State University is an Adobe school meaning that all of our video assets are edited using Adobe’s Premiere Pro software. You will need to use Adobe Premiere in order to properly match the university’s brand standards. Premiere Pro is a resource available to all university personnel at no additional cost. Simply go to the link below and sign in with your KSU Net ID. Once you sign in, you’ll have the option to download and install Adobe Premiere to get started.

For information on how to use Adobe Premiere, you can go here:

Utilize KSU Motion Graphic Templates

Presenting a consistent brand to our community is an important part of helping others recognize and remember our university online. Because of this, any new motion graphics must undergo a lengthy and involved design approval process before being distributed to the broader community. To help you avoid this process, we’ve created motion graphic templates that can be incorporated into your videos using Adobe Premiere. To use these templates, subscribe to the appropriate template library for your project using the links below. Once you subscribe to an Adobe CC Library, it will appear in your Essential Graphics panel in Adobe Premiere.

Below is a detailed instruction on how to utilize the KSU Motion Graphic Templates.

Primary template graphics: these are our primary graphics which can be applied to most videos. This includes our main logo, transitions, and lower thirds.

Logo Templates: Find your college or department logo here. If you are unable to locate your logo, please submit a project request using the link above.

Narrative Templates: Use these graphics for short form videos without dialogue to help communicate key pieces of information. These are especially helpful in videos intended for social media.

Recruitment Templates: Use these templates for creating recruiting videos or videos intended to sell an idea to your audience.

Capturing video with mobile devices and webcams

While we have standards for producing video content with specific camera systems, it may not always possible to use them for making your videos. During periods of remote work especially, you may need to produce assets remotely. In those cases, mobile devices may be used for capturing video content provided that they follow key standards. To learn how to capture video with mobile devices that meet our standards, please review the training materials we’ve created using the link below.

Please note that you should speak to the Office of Strategic Communications and Marketing before beginning the process of making your video to ensure you will be brand compliant when submitting your video for design approval. You may email if you are unsure if you should produce video with a mobile device.

To learn more about how to shoot video with mobile devices, go here: 

Design Approval

To submit your video for design approval, please upload your video to a private area (such as OneDrive, Dropbox or a private Vimeo page) and submit a link to Please expect a minimum of five business days before receiving a reply.