Timing and Workflow

Workflow Process – Advertising Campaigns

The first step in managing your request is to create a production schedule. Good planning will ensure that everyone involved has enough time to do the best job possible. We do our best to accommodate all requests; however, staffing and scheduling constraints may require a referral to an approved freelancer (at the requester’s cost). Listed below is our workflow process:

  1. Discovery and fact-finding: We will meet with you to further understand your needs and the project scope, gather information, conduct market research, and collaborate with internal resources (communications, social media and creative teams).

    Timing: 1 – 3 weeks depending on scope.

  2. Planning: We will develop the go-to market strategy and tactics based on your budget and supporting personnel. Once the plan is drafted, we will present the recommendations to you for approval.

    Timing: 1 – 3 weeks depending on scope.

  3. Creative Concept Development: Creative concepts, including messaging, will be developed for each target audience and marketing channel. Once the creative concepts are created, we will present the recommendations to you for approval.

    Timing: 2 – 4 weeks depending on scope.

  4. Execution: The campaign will launch. This phase is an “all hands-on deck” where everyone will work together to ensure the goals are achieved. Leads will be delivered to you for follow-up to aid in conversion. Marketing, along with admissions, will provide you with resources to help you achieve your conversion goals.

  5. Post Campaign Analyses: We will provide you with a post-analysis of the campaign, so you understand your ROI and we can discuss key learning and determine next steps for future campaigns.

    Timing: 4 – 6 weeks post campaign.