Marketing Expertise


A professionally developed marketing communication strategy and execution tactics, supported by market research and analysis, are critical to building our brand, generating awareness, and increasing enrollment at Kennesaw State University.

Our team works closely with the University’s colleges, offices and departments to meet their marketing needs, both broad and specific. Depending on budget and unit goals, we develop strategic communication strategy, marketing plans and advertising campaigns that effectively engage target audiences.

Marketing Funnel – Bringing Prospective Students Along the Journey to KSU

Understanding how to market to your target audience is crucial for achieving your marketing goals and ROI.The marketing funnel identifies the customer journey. Although the customer journey is not linear, it’s important to understand the various stages in the journey to create compelling messaging.

The marketing funnel lets you know what to do to help influence prospects at each stage, such as follow-up telephone calls or sending intent-directed emails.

The top of the funnel is focused on building awareness and providing value to prospects. These individuals may not know who you are or why they need you, so during this phase of the journey, it’s important to educate and provide solutions to their problems.


In the middle of the funnel, it’s important to continue educating the prospect and building their trust. The key to success with middle-of-funnel prospects is delivering content that helps them solve a problem or answer a question.

The bottom part of the funnel is where you want to create and convert leads. It may take a few weeks or many months, but once your funnel of prospects is full and healthy, then you’ll benefit for many semesters to come. Solidify your relationship with prospects and make it easy for them to make a decision and take the next step.

How We Can Help You Obtain Your Objectives:

For a basic request (for example, brochure, pull-up banner, newspaper ad), we’ll discuss your goals and needs and develop the items requested.

For a broader admissions-focused campaign, we’ll collaborate with you to shape your marketing strategy and tactics and create a multi-channel advertising campaign. Our marketing team will refine your audience profile, identify target markets, help define your objectives, plan tactics and help you set obtainable and measurable goals. The campaign components include:

  • Marketing Research
  • Strategic Planning
  • Campaign Development, Execution and Evaluation
  • Creative Concept Development
  • Project Management
  • Selection of Vendors

Plan Ahead

Due to the volume and variety of requests we receive, lead time varies based on scope of the request. At minimum, four to six weeks are generally needed for basic requests; complex multi-channel campaigns may take longer. Plan ahead for your needs – view the workflow process for more information.