Creative Services

creative services

Creative Services (CS) organization is comprised of professionals from various fields of graphic design, photography, web and licensing. Collaboratively the creative team works closely with other career professionals to produce high-end collaterals and products that promote the institution’s brand and its mission.

Experienced professionals are ready to assist in developing effective collaterals and materials that promote and advance the University’s various colleges and departments. Creative Services does not charge for its services. If we are unable to service projects in-house, project management will assist by identifying external resources.

In addition, CS is responsible for managing Kennesaw State’s visual branding through KSU's visual identity program (VIP), which is key to the institution’s overall marketing strategy. Having a cohesive and integrated brand and visual identity system ensures that the University is readily recognized in the market place.

Our mission is to provide services that help develop and promote consistent visual communications for the University and campus community.