Social Media Guidelines

Kennesaw State University recognizes that online communication tools increasingly serve as channels for direct interaction with students, stakeholders and the public. The University’s commitment to transparency and collaboration encourages open and responsible communication by employees, provided such communications are professional, ethical and accurate, and adhere to current IT policies for computer usage and data security, intellectual property, the KSU Employee Handbook and the BOR Policy Manual.

KSU faculty and staff are encouraged to engage in professional social media conversations that support the University’s reputation and brand. When posting to social media as an employee, do not speak on behalf of the University. Be transparent by acknowledging your role at KSU and adding “views expressed are my own” to your profile.

When posting to a social media account created for the purpose of conducting official University business, employees should refrain from:

  • Posting or commenting on anything related to legal matters, litigations or crisis situations without prior approval.
  • Posting or commenting on anything from a non-university (personal) account.
  • Deleting or hiding comments or blocking a user without prior approval.
  • Using the University brand or name to endorse any view, product, private business, cause or political candidate.

Each social media account should have at least two full-time KSU employees serve as administrators. Should a student assistant serve as an account administrator, at least one employee should approve content before publishing. Retweets, shares, likes and other reactions from the account should be closely monitored.

When possible, accounts should be registered to a shared or general email address accessible by each administrator. Email addresses already established for customer service are preferred, e.g., ""

For any questions or concerns, please email


Social Media Profile Images

All social media accounts created for conducting official University business and maintained in the name of Kennesaw State University must have branded social media profile images.* A direct link to the profile image download page can be found at

Please note that images with a black background are reserved for Kennesaw State University's main social media accounts. Profile images with a gold background are reserved for Kennesaw State University's 13 colleges. Profile images with a white or gray background are available to any other academic or administrative unit (office, department, program, center, etc.).

* Affiliate brands may use alternate branded social media profile images. Affiliate brands are brands that have a direct connection or partnership with the University. Examples include registered student organizations, club teams, business partners, sponsors, retail affiliates and associations of the University. The KSU Foundation, Alumni Association, KSU Athletics Association, Parent and Family Association, along with other approved units on campus that may provide services at a commercial level, are authorized to use an affiliate brand. Affiliate brands that choose to identify with the University branding must use the white or gray social media profile images.

The colors, designs and proportions of official social media profile images may not be altered, no additional text may be added, and designs or objects may not be placed on top of official profile images.

Do not use social media profile images as official logos. Official logos are available for download from

Administrative and academic units are encouraged to use social media cover images to display photos, text or other information that is relevant and engaging to the unit's specific audience. Do not use official logos in your cover art. Use of the University’s brand, including the University logo, name and/or other brand identifiers must be reviewed by the Office of Strategic Communications and Marketing. Please submit approval requests to