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In order to avoid degradation, distortion, or improper treatment of the Kennesaw State logo or seal, and to maintain a suite of social presences that are presentably cross-branded across the University without any confusion as to what’s official and what’s not, the following social media brand guidelines were established for University-wide usage. Following these guidelines will ensure you’re representing the University on third-party social media platforms appropriately.

Consistent use of icons and profile images helps viewers identify Kennesaw State when linking to social networking pages from University web pages.

Consider your avatars, profile, and background images to be extensions of your web presence. If you do not have a visual aesthetic to your web presence, consider social media your opportunity to give yourself a consistent, recognizable look and feel.

Here are a few examples of well-branded social media accounts at Kennesaw State University:

social media account examples

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University Relations is responsible for approving the use of college-specific and unit-specific logos on social media platforms. Requests and approvals for college-specific or unit-specific profile pictures or social media avatars should be submitted to

Questions concerning usage of this guide should be directed to University Relations at 470-578-6203. 

To learn more about our visual identity program visit here