Best Practices

Social media platforms may be new, but the strategic implementation of successful communications is not.

Ask yourself?

What does my school, program or organization hope to accomplish through social media?

Outline your goals in order to properly track the return of your investment. Ensure you are properly seizing the available opportunity to elevate the perception of our programs, and success of the University as a whole. 

Where is my target demographic?

Concentrate your efforts on one platform before expanding your presence. Take the time to engage, educate and inform. Social media is about transparency and customer service. 

Do I have the content to sustain a presence, or am I an initiative that would benefit more from a hashtag and collaborative promotion on central accounts?

Successful Kennesaw State accounts update Facebook once to twice each day, Twitter 5-10 times. Programs that are unable to meet content requirements always have access to central accounts for leverage. We’re here to help! Email us at


Whether you want to create a simple social media page or deploy a complex social media campaign, we can help customize your social network to engage and attract your audience. First, learn about best practices in social media by reading our best practices and policies available here.