BrightEdge Access

The value of BrightEdge for Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

To request a BrightEdge sign-on, please email:

The KSU Website is our top asset for marketing the University – it is our virtual front door. As a BrightEdge user, you will learn and use SEO best practices for both page set up and content performance to help increase the University’s page ranking on browsers. Search is integral to every step of the customer journey. As you go through your training, you will see that BrightEdge is a powerful tool that will enable you to easily identify opportunities, provide easy instructions for improving page performance and most importantly, provide you with a measurement tool so that you can see the results of your actions.

You will first enter the system as a Standard Read Only User – you can view everything, but you cannot create, edit or delete content. After you become BrightEdge certified, your account will be changed to a Standard User, and you’ll be able to create, edit or delete content and dashboards.

To get started with your certification training follow this link to BrightEdge and log-in. At the bottom of the left navigation, click on Help. Then, click on the Certification Training Videos. Follow the instructions for watching the videos and taking the certification exam.

Once you complete your BrightEdge certification, email your certification notice to You will be notified after your user status in BrightEdge is changed from standard read only to standard user with full capabilities on the platform.