Kennesaw State University – A Growing Brand

It’s no secret – Kennesaw State is fast-paced and growing.

As a part of that growth, we’re taking a long look at our brand to make sure it’s built to grow alongside our university. We already have strong name recognition across the state and beyond but, while plenty of people know our name, few can really say what we stand for – or how we stand apart from our competition.

So, we’re taking steps to uncover what makes KSU different, working to clearly define and articulate our true brand’s essence.

What value does a well-defined KSU brand add?

Clearly defining our brand is crucial for attracting and engaging the students, faculty, staff and alumni that make our KSU community so unique. We have an amazing story here at KSU. To make sure we tell it right, Strategic Communications and Marketing is partnering with the brand experts at Tailfin Marketing to help discover and craft our best, true story.

We’ll be working across the University, bringing a wide range of contributors together to collaborate in this brand definition. It’ll take a lot of work, but a strong brand strategy will help align the goals of the University and unify our campuses under one compelling brand banner. In the end, the goal is simple: One Brand. One Voice. One Direction.

Why should you care?

Our brand symbolizes all we stand for as a university and a community. It’s a commitment and a promise to our students, faculty, staff, alumni, neighbors and supporters. A strong KSU brand makes it easier to understand and embrace who we are and what drives us. It’s the spirit that helps bind all of our audiences together, unifying and inspiring our KSU family with a common sense of purpose and identity. We’re counting on everyone to help us discover, define and tell the KSU brand story.

Brand Strategy Project Milestones

  • Research and Discovery

    Fall 2018 - Research and Discovery

    • Project planning meeting
    • Review of current audience data and insights
    • Competitive audit
    • Primary research: Online surveys, focus groups, interviews
    • Brand Strategy and Positioning

      Fall 2018 - Brand Strategy and Positioning

      • Develop target audience personas
      • Conduct and present competitive audit
      • Craft brand strategy and positioning
      • Master brand postioning and core message summary
      • Logo Evaluation
      • Creative Concept Development

        Winter 2019 - Creative Concept Development

        • Develop concise Mission, Vision, Values
        • Map customer journeys
        • Develop brief and central creative concepts
        • Logo and wordmark usage
        • Color and typography standards
        • Brand Guidelines Document and Toolkit

          Spring 2019 - Brand Guidelines Document & Toolkit

          • Concept testing with select stakeholders
          • Concept approval
          • Brand standards, including photo/video guidelines
          • Brand guidebook development
          • Initial Campaign Creative

            Summer 2019 - Initial Campaign Creative

            • Print ad
            • Digital banner ads plus social assets
            • Radio spot
            • Sizzle video
            • Digital and printable brochure
            • Brand training

            Frequently Asked Questions

            When will I get my logo?

            The master brand will be rolled out on February 18, 2019. All college and administrative department logo packages will be made available on March 15, 2019. All other sub-brand logo packages will be completed and implemented on April 26, 2019.

            Do I need to update my email signature?

            Yes, please use the tool at to update your email signature..

            Do I still need design approval when using the new logo?

            Yes, all use of the new logo should first be submitted to design approval at

            Are there guidelines for using the new logo?

            Yes, guidelines can be viewed at Please check back regularly as the guidelines are updated on a regular basis.

            Do we throw out current materials that feature the old logo?

            You may still use the old mountain logo until your supplies have been depleted. When ordering new materials that feature the logo, please update to the new logo. All digital use of the KSU logo should feature the new logo as soon as possible.

            Can I just use the “KS” without Kennesaw State University?

            No, you may not alter the logo.

             Tell us what you think

            Project Lead   –   Alice Wheelwright
                                        Associate Vice President 
                                        Strategic Communications and Marketing

            Project Contact – Tim Falvai
                                        Manager of Client and Vendor Relations
                                        Strategic Communications and Marketing


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